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In order to effectively protect the long-term interests of the general dealers and farmers friend, avoid some merchants confusing, avoid unknown products harm the interests of the consumers, at the same time ensure that the broad masses of farmers friend buy trust of original products, teda group was started in September 2010, enable the emerging "scraping try" multimedia digital anti-counterfeiting mark, its series product should have good multimedia digital anti-counterfeit label. Now the related matters notice is as follows:

Security instructions

Scraping the anti-counterfeiting mark coating, can see 20 anti-counterfeiting code, there are four methods can identify the product authenticity.

1, 400 free telephone inquiry

Use the phone call 4008200315, entered the brand product safety information query system, according to the voice prompt for anti-counterfeiting code (one-time input according to # # end after 20 anti-counterfeiting code) listen to system identification results query voice (each effective anti-counterfeiting code is only for a query, query will prompt again in years on X X X X X X seconds a query has been made, when please beware of fake).

Query 2, mobile phone text messages

20 anti-counterfeiting code as text messages sent to 13585510555, will be received within a few seconds to messages returned by the query results, so as to identify the product authenticity.

3, the Internet query

Log in teda group's official website www.tide-china.com in the input box column of anti-counterfeiting query input all anti-counterfeiting code, click on the "query" read out of the identification of the page. Note: text messages and network query content must be the pure do not contain any symbols, fonts, 20 anti-counterfeiting code.

4, broken pen technology

"Real" in the "real" words for the broken pen words, this technique is in does not affect the integrity of the font, font will have broken phenomenon, a long period in more than 30 times can be clearly seen under the magnifying glass, make the counterfeiters are difficult to find.

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